Educator    Writer    Editor

I am Elisabeth MacDonald-Murray – a university educator with a passion for good writing and effective communication.  I have over twenty years professional experience in the fields of literary editing and scholarship, academic writing and editing, and teaching and consulting on business communications.

Following my undergraduate studies at Trinity College, University of Toronto, and graduate studies at Western University, I taught in English, Modern Languages, and Business Administration departments at universities in Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia. My first academic love is English literature of the Early Modern period (my hero is Shakespeare!), but, early in my teaching career, I began specialising in writing and communications, recognising the importance of clear and effective communication in sharing ideas, stories, and opinions, and students’ need to learn the necessary skills to communicate their new-found knowledge.  Since then, I have pursued my commitment to strong and effective communication and used my skills as an educator, writer, and editor to help others share their passions and perspectives in the literary, academic, and business fields.

‘Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.’ (or woman, in this case)                                              Francis Bacon, ‘Of Studies’ (1613)