Essay problems? Find essay solutions with a Writing Specialist! Learn how to write better essays and get better grades.

Rhetoric Ink offers one-on-one essay consultations, providing an in-depth analysis of your writing issues and personalised recommendations for improving your writing skills and creating clear and effective essays.

Student service packages:

(1) Student essay consultation: A one-on-one tutorial session which includes proofreading and providing content critique for a submitted essay and a detailed analysis which includes recommendations for improving writing skills, style, and content delivery.

1000-1500 word essay:  $30/ 30-minute session

2000-2500 word essay :  $50/ 1-hour session

3000+ word essay:  $50 for first hour plus $25/ additional half-hour

(2)  Personal coaching session in Academic Writing: An intensive four-hour session to help you develop university-level writing and reading skills; learn how to assess writing situations, think critically about reading and writing, and develop ideas and create clear and effective arguments.

4-hour session:  $120

(3)  Personal coaching session in Research Skills: An intensive four-hour session to help you develop university-level research skills; learn how to make effective searches of academic databases, assess primary and secondary sources, document sources and avoid plagiarism, and use research to develop and support an argument.

4-hour session:  $120